Zadkine Research

This page presents a selection of recent discoveries made by the Zadkine Research Center. The articles feature new biographical elements as well as the
stories of novel identifications and localisations of works.  We endeavour to update and add new finds as regularly as possible.

Zadkine Research Center discoveries:

Ossip Zadkine Untitled 1917 watercolor on paper drawing


Coulisses au casino de Paris

Zadkine Groupe de figures 1921 stone sculpture

Groupe de figures

Zadkine Couple et Enfant gouache on paper

Couple et Enfant

Ossip Zadkine sculpture Tête d'homme 1924 Alabaster

Tête d’homme

Ossip Zadkine Mascarade 1928 etching


Zadkine La premiere Apocalypse etching

La visitation de l’apocalypse

Ossip Zadkine sculpture La mariée 1932 Terracotta

La mariée

Ossip Zadkine sculpture Homo sapiens 1936 Patinated plaster

Homo sapiens

Ossip Zadkine sculpture Femme à la colombe 1936 Terracotta

Femme à la colombe

Ossip Zadkine sculpture Pensées 1936 Terracotta


Ossip Zadkine sculpture Orphée et les nymphes 1936 plaster relief

Orphée et les nymphes

Ossip Zadkine sculpture Nu debout 1938 Wood

Nu debout

Ossip Zadkine sculpture Le poète 1942 Virginia marble

Le poète

Zadkine Paire de candélabres bronze

Paire de candélabres

L’arbre de vie – Menorah

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