Ossip Zadkine was a Russian/French sculptor and artist.

Born in Vitebsk, Belarus, then Russian Empire, of Jewish and Scottish extraction, Zadkine is primarily known as a sculptor but also produced paintings, drawings and graphical works.

This website is a window on the work realized at the Research Center dedicated to the life and oeuvre of the Russian sculptor Ossip Zadkine (1890 –1967).
It provides an account on parts of the discoveries we have made over exciting years of investigation. Whether it be on so far unidentified or lost artworks or on new elements about his life, we will endeavour to lift the veil on many of our studies to stimulate always more the interest that Zadkine has aroused around his work.
We invite you to register your artworks (sculpture, gouache, drawing, graphic) in our database, to help us in completing our ever-growing archives and to give you an expertise.

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