Authentication of Ossip Zadkine Sculptures and Works on Paper


The Zadkine Research Center is the official authentication body for Ossip Zadkine (1888-1967) artworks.
Contact us for free verbal authentication of bronze, wooden, and stone sculptures and works on paper of Ossip Zadkine.

We invite you to register your artworks (sculpture, gouache, drawing) in our database, to help us to add to our ever-growing archives, and we offer you our expertise. Certificates of authenticity available on request.

Ossip Zadkine was a very successful artist and like most artists who have commercial success and whose work sells well, Zadkine's work is also copied.

It is not always easy to recognise fake works. With a database of more than 1800 sculptures and works on paper, the Zadkine Research Center has a lot of material and other resources to compare artworks.

In addition to works on paper, sculptures are also copied or, in the case of a bronze edition, cast without permission. Zadkine's early bronze sculptures from the 1920s and 1930s often have no number or foundry stamp. During his life, Zadkine did not really keep track of what, where and by whom his sculptures were cast. Sometimes the foundry cast a few more copies after the edition was already complete.

Even after Zadkine's death in 1967 sculptures were cast and many editions were completed. These works are original, but the fact that they were not cast during Zadkine's lifetime does affect their value because these sculptures are less sought after by collectors.

The Zadkine Research Center also provides, for a fee, certificates of authenticity with registration number.