Ossip Zadkine (1888-1967)
Painted elmwood
Height: 81 cm
Exhibited: Salon des indépendants, Paris, 1914

This Zadkine sculpture is the first of many Maternité sculptures Ossip Zadkine will make and also the prototype for many of his nudes. The shape of the woodblock is respected to such a point that not only the limbs are fully attached to the body, but also the head is completely flat on the shoulder in order not to let any part protrude. The figure is sensually closed to itself. The face, the arms and the hands are excessively elongated. The shape, sinuous and caressing, is closer to the fluidity of Art Nouveau than to Cubist geometry. The child, placed in an interesting way, straight on the arm of the mother, is intimately attached to her.