Ossip Zadkine (1888-1967)


La mariée

Circa 1932

42 cm high




Aimé Vandevelde, Brussels, Belgium


In 1932, the industrial Aimé Vandevelde commissions for his villa located in the North of Brussels, a bas-relief to Zadkine representing Hercules and the Nemean lion (cf. I. Jianou 1964, p. 90). We suppose that he made the acquisition of La Mariée during the same period. Luckily, our contact kindly asked Aimé Vandevelde’s grand-daughter if she had any remembrance of it. She replied in the affirmative indicating she always saw the head of Zadkine on the fireplace of her grandfather’s large property in the outskirts of Brussels, in Neerom Hof, Wolvertem (this property of 25Ha has today been converted into a public park).