Ossip Zadkine - Buste de Carol Janeway - 1943 - Bronze sculpture - Zadkine.com

Ossip Zadkine (1888-1967)


Buste de Carol Janeway


89 x 49 x 28 cm


Edition of 6


This sculpture, with the title "Buste de Carol Janeway", likely holds deep personal and emotional significance. Considering the romantic relationship between Zadkine and Janeway during Zadkine's exile during the Second World War, the sculpture takes on a more intimate and personal meaning. It could be seen as a tribute to their relationship, capturing not only her physical features but also expressing the emotions and connections they shared during a significant and tumultuous period in history.

Zadkine's artistic style, influenced by Cubism and modernism, might bring a unique perspective to the portrayal of Carol Janeway. The sculpture could blend abstraction and realism to convey both her individuality and the emotional bond they had. The title "Buste de Carol Janeway" suggests a focus on her likeness, but Zadkine's interpretation could go beyond mere representation to encompass their shared experiences and emotions.

Carol Janeway (1913–1980) was an American literary editor, translator, and writer. She is particularly known for her contributions to the world of literature through her work as an editor and her translations of various French literary works into English.

During World War II, Carol Janeway had a significant role in aiding European writers and intellectuals who were displaced or persecuted by the war. She worked with organizations that helped these individuals find refuge in the United States. It's worth noting that her connection to Ossip Zadkine, the sculptor, as his lover during this period, adds a personal dimension to her history.

Janeway's involvement in literature and her efforts to support European writers align with the cultural and artistic milieu of the time. The bronze sculpture "Buste de Carol Janeway" by Ossip Zadkine takes on a poignant and intimate significance due to their personal relationship and the historical context in which they lived.