Heracles and the lion of Nemee

Ossip Zadkine (1888-1967)
50 x 75 x 12 cm

Exhibited: Beaux-Arts, Brussels, 1933, n° 120.

Commissioned in 1932 by Aimé Vandevelde for his new villa in the outskirts of Brussels (Belgium), Héraclès et le lion de Némée is part of a number of works that were created at the suggestion of architect Adrien Blomme who built the house. Indeed, at that time, Blomme had already commissioned three reliefs for his own residence and was about to order the monumental relief (3,50 x 11 m) of the Cinéma Métropole in Brussels.
It is at that period that Zadkine would realize the reliefs he was commissioned in Belgium in terra cotta to let them carve later in stone. This terra cotta relief is the result of this method.
Aimé Vandevelde decides later to give as a present to his brother-in-law, the stone version of Héraclès et le lion de Némée which was carved in a bigger size than the terra cotta version to fit the place it was to stand, in a house designed by Adrien Blomme.